Monday, September 14, 2015

Week One

(From a letter Dallin wrote to my parents) "I am writing this during day 2 lunch. Everything is going cool but I'm super tired. My first companion is Elder Stevenson. He is an all-american wrestler. The rest of my district is super cool and we are all pretty similar. Out of time. P-Day is on Monday." -Elder Duffy 

 "Whats up guys how you've been? MTC is super hard sometimes we're in class for like 12 hours straight with breaks only for lunch/dinner. Our district is super cool though and its probably the only reason i haven't freaked out yet. Today we had temple time in the morning and we did like 5  Initiatories. Then we came back and chilled and had lunch then went and played some ball. Anyways, Im learning a little bit and having alot of fun.The devotionals and movies we can watch are the best part. Some talk By President Uchdorf got me pumped to serve and be a good missionary. Oh my companion has a twin here - it's funny lol Love you miss you." - Elder Duffy

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