Tuesday, November 24, 2015


:) What up y'all the week has been long.
I got moved to this area called the Mt.Zion Branch and techincally don't live in a city. I live right in the middle of where like 4 cities end. It's the smallest populated area in the mish. But it's a huge area... just a bunch of big fields and Like at least half of mile in between houses. Positive- full time car. negative- There is like 200 total homes here and missionaries have tracted the heck out of it.
The Branch is also interesting. Everyone is super country and only call each other by first names... Like who does that? Also me and my companion ARE the Elders quorum. lol.

Missionary work wise like I said, can be slow here. Coming from Raleigh, the most busy area especially. We are teaching 2 people right now and like 5 kids older than eight. Other than that there isn't a branch clerk and we do some of that work. People here have been known to be violent when people knock on their door after dark so we follow the Sister's after dark rules lol. We in by 7:30 every night unless we have a set up appointment, trying to keep busy/ on task is hard. We taught Renee last week the restoration and she is interesting. She claims to have seen God so when we explained The First Vision she took that to mean that she is, or will be a prophet. -_-  We talked her out of that obviously and then She understood as much as she could. She accepted a baptismal date.

My new companion is Elder Petty and he can do a Rubik's cube in like 30 seconds. He's also teaching me so watch out. In Studies i have been reading Jesus The Christ and thats like a bomb book. Highly recommend. It's the bomb!

Also have been reading the new and Old Testaments. Also the Book of Mormon... So I'm reading the scriptures. I really like the last couple of chapters of Matthew. Don't forget all the amazing things Jesus did just for us. And be thankful well because it is Thanksgiving!!

The food is super good here and everything is chicken-based which is ammmaazzing.

Address was wrong last time it is:
1778 cypress creek rd
Wallace, NC 28466

Oh here is the lizard in found in our house 😁

Friday, November 20, 2015


This week was pretty slow on account of Me being sick and also full of Meetings. I feel mostly better today so thats good. Isaiah texted us last Monday night and said that  he didn't want to meet for almost a month-- December 4th. He said He needs to pray about a couple of things and figure all this out. We taught him basically everything so This is good. He's ethier going to be baptized or drop us...We are praying for him to be baptized. We really haven't had a legit sit down lesson with any investigators in a while. We stopped by to James 1:5 house and he said he was still intereseted, just busy. 
Last night we had dinner with Brother Conger, who's in the Bishopric. After dinner we told him we were just gonna tract all night and he was like, Can i come? So yeah he tagged along and we awesomed out. Got some solid potentials and return times. He was super enthusiastic and gave compliments of our work the whole time lol.. pretty fun.
I am getting transferred to a middle of no where branch soon. 
I am out of things to talk about.

(Dallin's new address will be 1778 Cypress Creek rd. Wallace, NC 28466. I know he would love to get some letters from all of you!)  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November-Week 1

Duffy checking in.

The past week has been baller. We had a church tour with Isaiah and that was good. He said he was unavailable for church, "because I'm Courting a young Lady." he has the best vocabulary. He always calls us Gentlefellas. Hes a good guy but very strong in his own church.
Another investigator is James, or James 1:5 as we call him. He has been in Atlanta but we were able to teach him the restoration and commit him to baptism. He's a cool guy but basically the opposite of Isaiah in Bible, general knowledge. We had to explain what an apostle was and what they do/did. He's cool though.
One day we were tracting a super long time. after like two hours of nothing, I was super Downtrodden. Then we found a lady who was like, Im busy right now. Just leave something to read and come back  We left a Restoration Pamphlet and The book of Mormon. we went back and she said she read the whole Pamphlet and it gave her a lot to think about. She said she wanted to do the Additional study in the back of the Pamphlet Before she meets with us. So that's pretty solid.

We also met up with a bunch of less actives this week. Five to be precise.🙌 Two of them were at church!

BTW My new address is: 

 4900 Edgerton dr. Apartment 311.

-Elder dfy

Our new place! 

October- Week 4

Yesterday we went to the Mueseum downtown for a district activity and that took all prep day.  This past week was pretty nice. We taught James and Justin who both have baptism dates. our other BD is Willie but he's busy looking for a new house. Hopefully we'll meet up with him soon. Last night we played basketball with like 7 non-members/ inactives and i think we made a good impression.
love u
miss u
i write more next week maybe

October- Week 3


big things happening down here in NC.
They are making a new stake right in the middle of where we are now. Changing a bunch of the ward boundaries. The Durham and Raleigh stakes are gonna be affected, because they making another Apex stake, the second one anyways. Instead of covering Raleigh 1st and 2nd wards, Me and Egbert will be covering just Raleigh 1st, and it might be in a new stake. So thats exciting.
This week was crazy town banana pants. On Monday night we went and played basketball with Cory and like 5 of his non-member friends for like 3 hours. Everyone was dazed by my ability probably. Tuesday was 1st transfer training and that took like alllllllll day. Wednesday was the bomb! We had district meeting in the morning and those are usually pretty fun. Then We went out to a bomb chicken place. We were planning on going on exchanges with the zone leaders that night so they asked us to do a mysterious task with them. Turned out that task was to drive brand new 2015 Corollas from the dealership to the Mission home. Best part- we got to ride ALOOONNNNEEEEE. I will always be the first guy to drive that brand new blue Corolla!
Anyways, that night we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I went with elder Chandler, the Chan Man. hes super funny.
Thursday, was the day of broken appointments, 3 cancelled. Knocked all night. Friday- TEMPLE!!! we did a sesh which was cool. And then someone from the seventy spoke to us! pretty cray. we went to Chic-fil-a with the Senior missionaries here who are hilarous. then we knocked all night. 
Saturday- We went to a giant marching band competition for all NC high schools, happening like half a mile from our appartment. Tabb took us to do a bunch of service up there and we worked in the concessions. We served like a million people in our missionary clothes. Tabb kept saying "WOW what GREATTT exposure!" It gave me some Wal-mart deli deja vu, but it was really fun. that night was stake conference and so waas Sunday morning.
Today we went to Grocery store and Cookout. 
This Week was super not good. no new investiagors and only like one total lesson. Were trying hard though. should get easier in just one ward.
Thanks for listening. Miss you!


October- week 2

I bore my testimony in both wards to introduce myself and later a member came up to me and turns out he grew up in Bremerton and came to Raleigh in 1997 on his mission! Loved it so much he now obviously lives here! It's been raining a lot and it's humid but Raleigh is pretty cool! 
Last night we went to the best dinner ever. We went to the Halls, and the whole drive over My comp was telling how cool the family was. Then he was like the only way it could be cooler is if The Clawsons were there. Then The Clawsons showed up. We had Lamb, which was surprisingly good. The Halls have a 18 year old son named Grant and hes cool. Anyways, at the time we would usually had to leave, they went to go play backyard football. Usually we would had to say nawh man. But Grant had a non memeber friend over! so we played for like an hour. Then laid a spirtual message of Explosive proportions on them. It was fun!
We got the car back this week and ditched them bikes. Its a 2014 Corolla so its aight. This week was also less dramatic and no one really let us in :(. We taught Justin who is  my favorite investigator. He is still shooting for a late November baptism. We talked about various random Book of Mormon Stories. He's the bomb.

We borrowed The sisters Cd's and we been listening to Frozen all day. Let it Go on repeat as much as possible. Pentatonix Christmas and Les Mis are also pretty good. 

Today we went to Walmart and bought stuff to Play bball.
Not much else to say.
I also heard the Seahawks blew a huge lead lolol.

Elder Duffy