Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October- week 1

What's going on? I'm having a honors time out here! 
Conference Report: What a crazy #LDSCONF ! Dallin H. Oaks had my favorite talk about the Atonement. He dropped some truth bombs. President Monson kept it short but sweet, it was so good.  And then we all got inspired by Uchtdorf.-- side note-- me and my companion have a blown up super blurry picture of Pres Uchtdorf and we hide it throughout the apartment. 

Raleigh Report: We're forever away from where the Hurricane would effect us but Today is the first day it hasn't rained since my 2nd day here. Pretty cray. I'm not in the downtown of Raleigh so it's not too busy. This week was Bike Week and there's alot of hilly roads here. Speaking of bikes, my bike is perf. 

The Work Report: This week was kind of chill. Last Monday night we Knocked doors and found a Potential. Tuesday we helped the Clements with some service and got some Cookout! Wednesday we went and taught a man Named Richard, Saved on our phone as Richard, Can i pray for you? Because he wont accept other prayers, be he can pray for us. On Thursday we found Denice and said we could come backon Friday and teach her. We went back on Friday and She wasn't there but her two sons were. We taught them and they were pretty open to it. We're Going back and teaching them all WednesdayOn Saturday we were at conference all day. in between sessions we went knocking and we found Willie who said we could come back on SundayOn sunday, after the morning sesh, We did and it was a super good lesson. We taught the restoration and he was really big into families so we taught him that families can be together forever. Egbert basically started crying and then I asked him to be baptized. He said yeah! and we left him a Book Of Mormon.  I'm liking my mission!

Stay Honors,

Elder Duff Stuff McGruff

Elder Duffy and his companion enjoying some chocolate chip bacon waffles! 

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