Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October- week 2

I bore my testimony in both wards to introduce myself and later a member came up to me and turns out he grew up in Bremerton and came to Raleigh in 1997 on his mission! Loved it so much he now obviously lives here! It's been raining a lot and it's humid but Raleigh is pretty cool! 
Last night we went to the best dinner ever. We went to the Halls, and the whole drive over My comp was telling how cool the family was. Then he was like the only way it could be cooler is if The Clawsons were there. Then The Clawsons showed up. We had Lamb, which was surprisingly good. The Halls have a 18 year old son named Grant and hes cool. Anyways, at the time we would usually had to leave, they went to go play backyard football. Usually we would had to say nawh man. But Grant had a non memeber friend over! so we played for like an hour. Then laid a spirtual message of Explosive proportions on them. It was fun!
We got the car back this week and ditched them bikes. Its a 2014 Corolla so its aight. This week was also less dramatic and no one really let us in :(. We taught Justin who is  my favorite investigator. He is still shooting for a late November baptism. We talked about various random Book of Mormon Stories. He's the bomb.

We borrowed The sisters Cd's and we been listening to Frozen all day. Let it Go on repeat as much as possible. Pentatonix Christmas and Les Mis are also pretty good. 

Today we went to Walmart and bought stuff to Play bball.
Not much else to say.
I also heard the Seahawks blew a huge lead lolol.

Elder Duffy

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