Tuesday, November 24, 2015


:) What up y'all the week has been long.
I got moved to this area called the Mt.Zion Branch and techincally don't live in a city. I live right in the middle of where like 4 cities end. It's the smallest populated area in the mish. But it's a huge area... just a bunch of big fields and Like at least half of mile in between houses. Positive- full time car. negative- There is like 200 total homes here and missionaries have tracted the heck out of it.
The Branch is also interesting. Everyone is super country and only call each other by first names... Like who does that? Also me and my companion ARE the Elders quorum. lol.

Missionary work wise like I said, can be slow here. Coming from Raleigh, the most busy area especially. We are teaching 2 people right now and like 5 kids older than eight. Other than that there isn't a branch clerk and we do some of that work. People here have been known to be violent when people knock on their door after dark so we follow the Sister's after dark rules lol. We in by 7:30 every night unless we have a set up appointment, trying to keep busy/ on task is hard. We taught Renee last week the restoration and she is interesting. She claims to have seen God so when we explained The First Vision she took that to mean that she is, or will be a prophet. -_-  We talked her out of that obviously and then She understood as much as she could. She accepted a baptismal date.

My new companion is Elder Petty and he can do a Rubik's cube in like 30 seconds. He's also teaching me so watch out. In Studies i have been reading Jesus The Christ and thats like a bomb book. Highly recommend. It's the bomb!

Also have been reading the new and Old Testaments. Also the Book of Mormon... So I'm reading the scriptures. I really like the last couple of chapters of Matthew. Don't forget all the amazing things Jesus did just for us. And be thankful well because it is Thanksgiving!!

The food is super good here and everything is chicken-based which is ammmaazzing.

Address was wrong last time it is:
1778 cypress creek rd
Wallace, NC 28466

Oh here is the lizard in found in our house 😁

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